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Now that AI is here to stay, why hire a content writer?

Why hire a content writer? Ai

I didn’t think I would do it. Yet, here we are. Writing about AI, that is.

I had to get involved in the conversation, as this ever-evolving technology forever changes the role of content writing as it refers to both the process of writing and the content writer profession.

Just about “everyone” uses AI now. So, how good can AI really be?

It’s scary how quickly AI can whip up an answer to any question you throw at it. If you’re an employer, you might think, “Well, at least ChatGPT is quick labour that doesn’t need to take mindfulness breaks, eat, sleep, take PTO and never complains about their long commute”.

In summary, yes, if you’re after generic, boring copy lacking personality and oomph - not to mention being the same as other generic copy on the internet (which is the kiss of death for your SEO, by the way) - then AI writing tools may be just what you are looking for.

It just feels a bit “copy and paste". Cringe.

Will AI tools replace human content writers?

Not yet; they won’t. While AI tools have become more powerful, intelligent and capable of generating helpful content, they’re not likely to completely replace quality human content writers anytime soon. “Quality” being the key word.

An AI, such as ChatGPT, is just a Large Language Model (LLM) tool. It has no concept of knowledge, truth or data. Some of the text generated is not factually true.

Sure, AI tools are good at generating text based on patterns in data they’ve been trained on.

However, they have no concept of real knowledge; they simply generate plausibly sounding text based on the statistical probability of words forming a specific sequence.

AI-generated content may be useful for specific repetitive tasks or generating drafts, but when it comes to producing engaging, persuasive, humorous, and emotionally resonant content, human writers have a unique advantage. 💪

AI tools are missing that human touch that is needed to connect with your audience and appeal to their emotions.

Thus, human writers can better understand and connect with their target audience, adapting their writing style and tone to suit the specific needs and preferences of the readers.

And, precisely because the AI tool generates text based on existing data and patterns, the copy runs the worrisome risk of being repetitious and generic (read: boring). Not only does it sound robotic, but it’s also a horrible recipe if you want to boost your SEO.

In short, most of it sucks.

The above are my words. I asked ChatGPT, and it said:

Case in point. But, a bit of a boring reply there, ChatGPT.

So, I asked the AI to try to be a bit funny. I must admit, it did not do quite as badly as I had expected.

However, it is not up to par with a human, and I would not say the above is fully appropriate to publish for a business audience, certainly not a formal one. It sounds cheesy and out of place.

How are human content writers still superior to an AI tool? Why hire a content writer?

Humans write for humans. Humans know how to write for other humans to make the reading experience relatable and engaging.

Human content writers possess several unique selling points that AI tools simply cannot replicate (at least not at the time of writing):

  1. Creativity: As mentioned, AI tools rely on patterns and data they have been trained on, whereas human writers can think creatively, develop unique ideas, and approach topics from imaginative angles based on their real-life experiences.

    • Remember that local news article you read yesterday about that new trend that is highly relevant to your business? You might, but the AI certainly won’t.

    • Humans can create content that stands out from their (business) competition because they have also studied their competition, whilst an AI tool most likely has not.

  2. Emotional intelligence: Human writers can inject emotions, empathy, and personal experiences into their writing, which can resonate deeply with readers and create stronger connections with the targeted audience.

    • If you have a unique sense of humour, no AI tool can really replace that!

    • Whilst AI can produce text that may sound persuasive, it lacks the contextual understanding of human emotion and psychology, which are the building blocks for effective copywriting.

    • Human writers can write in a way that resonates with the readers by using a tone, voice, and style that is tailored to the audience. The AI cannot authentically replicate these human nuances, which results in impersonal and inauthentic copy.

  3. Strategic thinking: Human writers can understand the broader marketing and communication strategies of a business and align their content with those objectives.

    • Humans can see the bigger picture, know what's happening in the company internally, and can thereby contribute to the overall branding efforts.

  4. Storytelling: Crafting compelling narratives and engaging stories is a uniquely human skill. Whilst the AI can learn this skill in theory, human content writers still have the advantage of bringing emotional depth, empathy, and genuine connections to their storytelling and content creation that AI cannot replicate.

    • Human writers can also interview experts in the field and bring their anecdotal and unique perspectives.

  5. Understanding the context: Credible content writing often involves conducting market research or surveys, identifying audience pain points, and analysing your competitors deeply.

    • A human writer uses this information to craft a message that speaks directly to the target audience, using the right language and tone to persuade them. AI tools lack the ability to conduct such research and analysis and, therefore, cannot generate copy that is specific to a particular audience or product.

And if you’re struggling with content writing and need fresh ideas, check out my guide, “Writing with Impact”.

How can human content writers leverage AI in the writing process and still stay authentic?

If you can't beat them, join them. Human writers can leverage AI in their writing process while still maintaining authenticity. How?

If you want to use AI in creating your content, just ensure you include the below-mentioned points for editing and revising.

  • Idea generation: AI can help generate ideas and topic suggestions based on keyword research, trending topics, and user interests.

    • As a writer, you can then take these suggestions and infuse them with your creativity and unique perspective to develop original and engaging content.

  • Research assistance: AI can quickly gather data and provide insights on a given topic, saving you time on research.

    • However, it's essential to verify the information given as, remember, a text generator tool such as ChatGPT is just an LLM tool. It is not a knowledge base.

    • Add your own critical analysis and interpretation to ensure the content is accurate and valuable. Even better, create your own market research. (See this e-book for more info).

  • Content outlining: AI tools can assist in creating content outlines or a structure based on the provided keywords or points.

    • You can then build upon this outline and add your writing style, examples, and personal touches to make it truly authentic.

  • Grammar and editing: AI-powered grammar checkers and proofreading tools can help you catch errors and improve the overall quality of your writing.

    • This ensures your content is polished and professional while maintaining your authentic voice.

  • Language translation: If you have an international audience, AI translation tools can help you reach a broader readership.

    • However, don't forget to review and fine-tune translations to ensure your intended message isn't lost. We’ve all heard the expression “lost in translation” - don’t be that person.

The key to maintaining authenticity when using AI is to treat AI-generated content as a helpful tool. It’s not a replacement for your creative input. AI can assist writers with repetitive tasks, whilst human writers should infuse their unique style, personality, and insights into the content.

Don’t worry; I’ve checked all of the above off with ChatGPT, and to my utter relief, it agreed. Phew!

Tell you what, an AI could not have created this (informally written) blog with injections of sarcasm, humour and personality. There may be a future rendition of an AI tool that can. But that is the day when I move to a remote island in the South Pacific Ocean, live off coconuts and call it a day.

Until then, I am confident that as a content writer, what I bring to the table is valuable, unique and irreplaceable. After all, I am a human and what AI could replace that?


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